Vegetarian Cheese List

List of Brands of Vegetarian Cheese (

What is the Cheese List

This site provides information for vegetarians. Cheese can be made with or without rennet which is derived from the stomach tissue of a slaughtered calf. This list specifies those cheeses which are made without the use of rennet. Today more and more cheeses are made with “microbial enzymes” which are widely used in the industry because they are a consistent and inexpensive coagulant. The term “microbial enzyme” means it is a synthetically developed coagulant. The term “vegetable rennet” means it is derived from a vegetable source. Soft cheeses such as cream cheese and cottage cheese are manufactured without rennet. Some cottage cheeses, however, may contain gelatin which is derived from animal sources. All labels should be read carefully.

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  1. May god almighty continue to guide you in the right way

  2. May God almighty continue to guide you in the right way amen

  3. asalamu alaikum wr wb…

    want to kw abt cheese [laughing cow] is it halal.

  4. Khansa, I can only comment on laughing cow cheese available in UK which is not suitable for vegetarians – so I presume not halal as well.

    Their site says “Currently, The Laughing Cow cheese triangles and Cheez Dippers cannot be guaranteed suitable for vegetarians. However, Giggles is suitable for those following a vegetarian diet.”

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